Snow etiquette
Posted on March 20, 2018 by Admin
Here is a message from Baltimore County Police that was sent a few years ago but is still relevant today. 
With the fall of snow comes the display of lawn furniture and other household items along the curbsides of our streets, the need to clear our walkways of the snow and the influx of many telephone complaints to our 9-1-1 system, Precinct and Outreach Office in reference to these issues. 
Please get the word out to your residents and any businesses that may be part of your community that they are responsible for removing the snow from the sidewalks that are part of their property.  I understand when the snow is deep and the plows pile more on top as they clear the roads that this is not an easy task but it is one that needs to be undertaken anyway. 
The sooner we clear the sidewalks the safer it is for pedestrians and school children waiting for the bus.  As for those communities that have many vehicles parked along the street, please remind everyone that once they pull their vehicle away from the curb that spot is now available to the next driver who comes along looking for a parking spot. 
Public roads are just that--PUBLIC--meaning that an open parking spot along the curb is open to anyone who comes along.  I know that parking is a premium in communities such as Rodgers Forge, Ridgeleigh, Loch Raven and Anneslie to name a few here in Towson, but there are many other similar communities throughout Baltimore County and the City that face the same exact dilemma every time it snows. 
I recognize how time consuming and strenuous it is to dig one's vehicle out of the snow and then to not have that space available upon returning is frustrating but everyone needs to understand that's what happens in large residential communities that have limited parking which includes parking on the street. 
Placing lawn furniture or other items in the street to "save" one's spot is actually a violation of State Law, these items are "foreign materials" and it is illegal to place such items in the roadway.  Residents need to know that once they move their vehicle from the parking space it is no longer their space; their space is where ever they park when they return. 
Leaving unfriendly, angry, threatening notes on a vehicle that occupies a vacated space or actual verbal/physical confrontations are not acceptable and could lead to further Police involvement and actions.  So please inform your residents to do the right things during snowy weather and avoid the wrong things and before you know it Mother Nature is smiling down upon us once again as the calenders read June, July and August and the thermometers show 100 degree temperatures.  
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