Thank you to the Dumpster Day and Egg Hunt volunteers!
Posted on March 25, 2018 by Admin
I would like to thank the board members and community members who spent many hours helping at events this weekend, and many hours preparing for those events. 
Dumpster Day volunteers: 
  • RFCA board member Melanie Bell, who hauled donated items all day
  • RFCA board member Beth Foster, who got up early to buy donuts and coffee for the volunteers
  • RFCA board member Bill Shaughnessy, who helped load the dumpsters 
  • RFCA board member Jessica Watkins, who helped day of
  • RFCA board member Amanda Kastner, who spent many hours organizing Dumpster Day and doing the loads of paperwork that accompany it, and overseeing everything day of
  • RFCA board member Karen Rodriguez, who helped secure the location
  • Pastor John Ballenger and manager Leisl Bolin, who allowed us to use Woodbrook Church
  • Amanda's husband, Paul Kastner, and her two sons, who helped load the dumpsters, and her daughter who helped take donations 
  • My husband and two kids who helped with loading and donations 
  • And RFCA resident Coach Rob Ambrose, who brought his son and a lot of Towson University football players to load the dumpsters
Egg Hunt volunteers: 
  • RFCA board member Noah Melnick, who organized the egg hunt and spent countless hours filling the plastic eggs and getting supplies to and from the storage locker, and who set up and took down the tents, tables, etc. 
  • RFCA board member Karen Rodriguez, who purchased the candy, helped organize, and helped day of, along with her kids, who also helped 
  • RFCA board member Jen Dippel, who shot photos and generally helped day of 
  • RFCA board member Naomi Cross and her husband and son who helped day of
  • RFCA board member Amanda Kastner and her husband, Paul, who helped day of and also brought tables and other supplies to the event and back to the storage locker
  • RFCA board member Phil Lipscomb, who was the man responsible for getting the Easter Bunny to be at the event
  • Rachel Morris, who helped organize, filled loads of eggs, and worked day of
  • Ivana Lipscomb, who helped organize 
  • RFCA board member Jessica Watkins, and residents Debi Parker Keating and Dora Jacobs, who helped stuff eggs
  • Jean Ottey, who provided coffee and treats
  • My husband and son who helped set up and clean up
  • and RFCA board member Linda Gimignani who hand washed 1,300 (!!!!!) plastic eggs in preparation for the event
Our next event is the Annual Picnic, which will be Saturday, June 9, 2018, at the Tot Lot starting at 4:00 PM. 
These events are one of the things that makes Rodgers Forge so special, and we appreciate the community's support! 
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