Police warn of shed, auto thefts
Posted on June 13, 2018 by Admin

Hello, Sgt. Fink of your Towson Precinct Community Outreach Team with once again a reminder for All in Our Towson Communities to secure our property then securing our sheds, garages and vehicles to protect our personal property.  Within the past week our Officers have taken several reports for Thefts from Autos and an Auto Theft from the Communities in the Charles St to Falls Rd area south of Bellona Ave while other Officers have taken reports of Burglaries of Sheds in neighborhoods off the lower section of York Rd.  With both these Crimes vehicles and sheds were not locked, property of value was left in plain sight, within easy access once the person/s responsible opened the vehicle or shed door.  Although these crimes were in two specific areas of Towson Precinct We all know from times past they can happen in any community of Towson thus I’m alerting all to get the word out to your family, friends and neighbors to always properly secure your valuables, your property.  Our Detectives are actively investigating these incidents in attempt to identify persons responsible and recovery property. The Detectives are also identifying the majority of these crimes as ones of opportunity meaning those responsible are  finding plenty of vehicles, sheds, garages unlocked with items of value within easy access. It doesn’t take those responsible long at all to open an unlocked door and take what they want.  With the Spring and Summer months upon Us Bicycles, Lawn Equipment, outdoor items are popular things to take because they can be turned to quick cash so please put everything away when done with them then lock up tight the storage location on your property. Taking the proper steps to secure what belongs to you reduces your chances of being a victim of those going through our neighborhoods.  Any time You see someone You know doesn’t belong in your neighborhood, entering your property or property of your neighbors, trying car doors or otherwise acting in a Suspicious Manner Call Us! Call 9-1-1 so our Officers can respond and investigate.


Thank You, Sgt. Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT

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