Two potential board members
Posted on April 22, 2019 by Admin
We are delighted to announce that two residents have put their names forward to be appointed to seats on the board: 
Stephanie Brizee and her husband participate in numerous civic activities and are dedicated to the Rodgers Forge community. They live at the corner of Hopkins and Pinehurst. In her prior neighborhood in Silver Spring, Maryland, Stephanie served as Vice President of the HOA where she led initiatives to create a landscaping system that more effectively met the needs of the community. She also led an effort with the HOA's architect committee that supported the community's Victorian style and charm while also updating options for construction material. As a historian by training and someone who is experienced with government contracts, she was able to preserve the historic look of the neighborhood and ensure that homeowners could easily maintain and upgrade their homes. Stephanie has been in the community since 2017 and looks forward to joining the RFCA and  contributing to our wonderful community.
Michael Macsherry says: Rodgers Forge is a great place to live and raise a family and I want to help keep it that way.  When I tell people that I live in Rodgers Forge I usually get something along the lines of "the most successful housing development in Baltimore County," and "great place to raise kids," and "Oh, I used to live there."  I really enjoy the historic elements of Rodgers Forge. I appreciate a more traditional look to the houses.  I hope to see the collective value of our homes continue to increase and I think that the architectural guidelines help to ensure this. I am a father of 3. I grew up on Blackburn Court, off of Gittings Ave, and attended RFES and DMS.  I currently live on Murdock and my oldest child attends RFES.  My younger two, who are boy/girl twins, will follow in 2 years.  I coach soccer, basketball, and lacrosse at TRC.  I've been a Rodgers Forge Resident for almost 6 years.
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