By-law amendment
Posted on July 30, 2019 by Admin
The following amendment will be voted on at the Aug. 14, 2019, meeting, location of which is TBD. 
VI. COMMITTEES (Revision 2013-0003) 
E. The Newsletter/Website Committee  (Revision 2013-005) 
1. The purpose of the Newsletter/Website is to facilitate communications within the Rodgers Forge Community, and to promote community activities.  
2. Duties.  
a. Publish and deliver at least bi-monthly, to each home within the community a physical newsletter of community news and activities.  The frequency of publication of the newsletter must at a minimum be adequate to meet all Community notification requirements. 
b. Annually publish Publish the Rodgers Forge Directory annually or every other year with an updated list of all households, and as may be available names and phone numbers. The Directory may also contain items or documents of interest to the Community.
The purpose of this amendment is to allow the directory to be published every other year instead of every year. 
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