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Posted on January 25, 2020 by Admin
When it rain it pours! A few hiccups but we are finally seeing movement in all our communications.
As of now everyone should have received their first newsletter of the year! Yay! Please thoroughly enjoy reading it...I know I did. Spring and the March Newsletter will be on your doorstep sooner than you think.
We had initially planned to have the Directory printed and delivered over the summer. But we decided to hold off until spring so we can make some much needed updates as well as run it through QA to verify and document all bylaw changes since 2013. Our hope is to have it out in the spring.
Returned Mail
Residents are still receiving returned mail so I have taken a block of time off work to run back over to the PO and figure this out. Stay tuned!
Update: Post Office assures me the issue is resolved and we should not encounter any additional problems at this point. A few of you may still receive your check back from September or early October if they were rejected by the local branch during the mystery issue. If your membership is returned, please let me know so we can assist. Thanks!
Finally, thank you all for the continued support and patience. When I was speaking to the manager at Wells, he said it would not be an issue to continue using your 2019 membership card through January. The new key cards should arrive direct from the printer in an envelope with a Membership letter than outlines all the things your dues support as well as the numerous discounts membership offers.
Thank you all so much!
Karen Rodriguez
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