BGE work on Brandon
Posted on July 5, 2017 by Admin
BGE just sent the RFCA a Q&A regarding its work on Brandon and Stanmore, based on questions they've been receiving. BGE says: 
When will the project start on Brandon Road?
Work on Brandon Rd will begin in about 2-3 weeks. Crew will post no parking signs 48 hour in advance and will post a door hanger a few days in advance. Installing the main will take them about 2-4 weeks.
What will be involved with the project, i.e. digging up road, replacement of gas lines, etc.?
Crew will be digging up the road to install a new gas main. They will also install a new service lines that supply gas to the customer homes.
Will our cars have to be moved just during the day during work hours?
Yes cars will have to be moved during the daytime working hours. From 7am-5pm. If cars are still parked after 9amthey are at risk of being towed to another location in the neighborhood not a tow yard.
How long will the project take on Brandon Road?
Installing the main will take 2-4 weeks.  Services are based on customer responses.
Is there a cost for this passed on to us?
Customer pay the current MDPSC STRIDE rate base on their monthly bill this cost does not exceed $2.00 a month.
You can see a map of the affected area here: 
More info is here: 
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