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Dumpster Day will be Saturday, March 24, 2018, starting at 8AM at Woodbrook Baptist Church, 25 Stevenson Lane.  It will go until noon or when the dumpsters and trucks are full, whichever comes first. 
Please note the new location. The county did not have Dumpsters for us on the days that RFES was available, so we are thankful that Woodbrook was kind enough to let us use their front parking lot. 
This is a rain-or-shine event. In addition to garbage bins for trash and yard waste and metals, AmVets will be there for household donations, and The Loading Dock will collect your reusable building-material donations. See details below.
The following types of materials are not accepted at Dumpster Day: Batteries, oils, gasoline or gas containers, paints, tires, propane tanks
There will not be electronics recycling; Towson University is having an e-cycling event that day.
AmVets will accept clothing, housewares, toys in bags or boxes. They will also accept furniture that has no rips, stains or tears.
The Loading Dock will accept:
Appliances - 5 years old or less
Cabinetry - kitchen/bath sets and singles
Garden Supplies
Flooring - ceramic, wood,
New carpet and linoleum
Lighting and Ceiling Fans
Lumber, Plywood, & Moulding - over 4 feet, no nails
Plumbing - toilets, sinks, tubs, radiators
Roofing - rolled roofing, shingles, gutters and downspouts
Windows - thermal pane
They will not accept paint, hazardous materials or used carpeting.
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The RFCA board will be voting at its next meeting, March 14, on whether to accept two changes recommended by the Architecture Committee. One change would allow for larger sheds, and the other addresses the option of removing dining room windows and replacing them with French doors. 
To read the proposed changes, click here. If you would like to share your thoughts on the changes, please email or attend the March 14 meeting at RFES. 
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Need some help raking the yard, mulching the garden, or maybe even some exterior painting? Towson University's "Big Event" can help. It's a day of service where students provide help to nearby residents. 
To be considered, you must register by April 1. 
The work will happen on April 21. 
More information and registration can be found here.
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As you may know, some of the older covenants in Rodgers Forge contain language that prohibits some people, based on race or religion, from living in the neighborhood. This aspect of the covenants has been unenforceable for many decades due to federal law. Nevertheless, many in the community and on the RFCA board would like to have the covenants amended to reflect the fact that we find these restrictions abhorrent. 
To that end, we are pleased to tell you that we have been working closely with Del. Chris West and Del. Steve Lafferty on the issue, and they are co-sponsoring legislation that would make it easier to amend covenants to address racial/religious restrictions. Their bill, which you can see here, means we don't need to collect signatures from hundreds of households and we can instead simply file a declaration with the land records office. 
Again, these restrictions are no longer legally enforceable. But we still find great value in setting down in the public record an updated version of Rodgers Forge's values. Many other neighborhoods -- in Towson and across the country -- have similar language. Other neighborhoods in Maryland will also be able to benefit from the efforts of the RFCA and Del. Lafferty and Del. West, whom we heartily thank for their efforts.
We will keep you posted on the bill's progress. 
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Congratulations to the winners of the Rodgers Forge Holiday Decorating Contest! They are: 
Forge Finest: 426 Hopkins
Twinkle Twinkle Little Forge: 408 Murdock
Joy to the Forge: 411 Hopkins
Forge, Hon (tie): 233 Stanmore
Forge, Hon (tie) 7043 Heathfield: 
Winners are receiving prizes from SASS Salon, Villagio Cafe, Ayd Hardware, Yoga on York and Gordon Florist -- all of which were donated by the generous businesses! 
Happy New Year to all! 
-The Rodgers Forge board
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From the County: The collection of live Christmas trees for recycling in Baltimore County will take place over a two-week period, beginning Monday, January 15, 2018. Because Christmas tree collection dates will vary from place to place, residents must have trees set out no later than Saturday, January 20 to ensure collection.
New this year, residents should place trees out for pick-up at the same location where they would normally place trash and recycling for collection. Specifically, residents with alley collection are instructed to place their Christmas trees in the alley, where they normally set out trash and recycling. This change is in response to requests from the community and it improves operational efficiency.
[Note: The county has clarified that the dates of pick up are still random and do not correspond to trash or recycling pick-up days. So residents should put the trees in the alley starting Jan. 15 and by Jan. 20 at the latest.]
As usual, residents must follow these rules when placing their Christmas trees out to be recycled:
Only set out live (not artificial) trees.
Set out the tree only (no lights, decorations, tinsel, bags, tree stands, etc.).
Baltimore County collectors will pick up Christmas trees in standard trash/recycling trucks, and deliver them to County facilities to be chipped and later used as mulch. Baltimore County residents who live in an apartment or condominium should follow their property manager’s rules when recycling their Christmas trees.
Residents who wish to drop off Christmas trees themselves may do so starting Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Christmas trees (no lights, decorations, tinsel, bags, tree stands, etc.) may be taken to any one of the County’s three drop-off locations. For directions to the County’s drop-off centers, residents may visit the Bureau of Solid Waste Management website or call 410-887-2000.
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It's time to vote in the Rodgers Forge Holiday Decorating Contest! 
Please vote by Dec. 30. Winners, who will receive prizes from local merchants, will be announced in January. 
To vote for your favorite, click here! (If you haven't already registered on the site, you'll need to do that first.) 
Happy Holidays! 
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A quick reminder that it is illegal to leave your car running with the keys in it. Half the cars in the Towson area that have been stolen in the past few months were taken when they were left running, police say. 
And if you're ordering packages from this season (or any time), remember that instead of having it delivered to your house where it might sit on your porch for hours, you can have it delivered to an Amazon locker for no extra charge. There are lockers located at Shoppers up at Perring Parkway and Joppa, and one at Whole Foods in Mount Washington. Details here:
It's also a good idea to let your neighbors know if you're expecting a package and ask them to bring it in for you. 
Happy Holidays! 
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The Rodgers Forge Community Association is thrilled to continue the beloved holiday tradition of Santa visits. 

We have great helpers who will help organize Santa’s visit to your home. Many families ask Santa to visit their homes individually, although sometimes families join together to have Santa visit a small group of children together at one house. Either way, it’s a super-fun time and a great photo opp!

Contact to coordinate a visit!