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From Rob Williams of Citizens on Patrol: "In 2014, I was alerted to the wireless-motion sensor spotlight company Mr. Beams. Since then, hundreds of neighbors have purchased spotlights. I'm excited to announce a new discount code is available to residents. Through September 30, 2017, residents can receive 25% off their purchase from Use the code RODGERSFORGE Free shipping is available. C.O.P. volunteers have installed dozens of lights for free & that offer still stands for anyone who needs installation assistance. You will have to place the order. For the alleyway or in your yard, I recommend the following models, the MB3000, the MB390 & the MB380. You can find out more about each spotlight on the website. Remember, they are battery operated! Feel free to reach out to me at" Note: Home Depot and Lowe's (and maybe Ayd Hardware?) sell these kinds of lights, too. 
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NOTE: Captain Landsman will be at the Aug. 9 RFCA meeting to discuss recent crime. 7 pm at Woodbrook Baptist, 25 Stevenson Lane. 
Precinct 6 Communities,
It has been a tough week in the Towson Precinct, while we did arrest 3 juveniles for the street robbery near Banbury Road and Anneslie Road on the 29th, officers and detectives continue to work around the clock to resolve the string of burglaries in the Rodgers Forge community and the commercial robberies we have experienced this week on the east side of the precinct, as well as other cases. I especially want to thank the COP members that our officers and detectives have encountered while patrolling during the overnight hours, which really says a lot about the COP program in Towson. I also want to thank all of the community members who have been so eager to assist in any way they can. We will continue to do everything possible to bring these cases to a speedy conclusion.
I have included a list of basic crime prevention tips. Please focus on the burglary prevention tips and take the easy steps to secure your homes and vehicles, and shrink the window of opportunity for the bad guys.   
Crime Prevention Tips:
1. When you are outside in the back yard working, make sure that you do not leave the front door open or unlocked. This is a quick and easy opportunity for thieves.
2. Secure your bicycles with a bike lock or bring them inside when not in use. 
3. Lock your vehicle and make sure that it is locked before you walk away from it.
4. Remove all keys from your vehicles (including keys to other vehicles that may be parked nearby). We have experienced numerous cases that start out as a theft from vehicle and turn into a theft of a vehicle, because keys were left inside.
5. Laptops, purses, wallets, phones and other valuables should never be left in a vehicle.
6. Flashback to the 1990s and use an anti-theft device like "The Club" or a similar steering wheel lock as another deterrent for thieves.
7. Leaving the porch light on or installing motion sensitive lights in the front and back of the house is a deterrent for suspects, who want to operate under the cover of darkness.  
8. Trim branches and hedges away from windows and doorways to eliminate areas where suspects can avoid being seen as they attempt to break into your house.
9. Make sure that your doors have a lock on the handle and a deadbolt lock. If there is a window next to the door handle, the deadbolt should be a double key lock and not a thumb lock on the inside. This will prevent a burglar from reaching in and unlocking the door. The key should be hung in a place where your family can find it easily in the event of an emergency. You can also add an additional sliding latch lock or chain on the inside of your door pretty inexpensively.
10. Placing a piece of wood or metal in the track of your sliding glass doors and windows can make entry to your home much more difficult for criminals. An inexpensive dowel rod cut into pieces that fit into your window or sliding door track could accomplish this step. 
11. If you have an attached garage, lock the door leading from the garage to your house, even when the garage door is closed. If a thief gains entry to your garage, you do not want to give them easy access to your house. If you do not park your car inside the garage and you have a garage door opener in your car, do not leave the garage door opener in the car unattended.
12. Take a look out your window throughout the day and if you happen to get up in the middle of the night. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911 to report it!
To schedule a residential security survey, contact our Community Outreach Team at (410) 887-5933.
Please consider attending the next Police Community Relations Council Meeting and or joining the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol. Both organizations are key partners in our crime fighting efforts.  
Please look out for your friends and neighbors.
Captain Jay Landsman, Jr.
Precinct 6 / Towson
Baltimore County Police Department
115 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
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Captain Jay Landsman, head of the 6th precinct of the Baltimore County Police Department, has agreed to come speak at our next Rodgers Forge Community Association meeting about the rash of burglaries in the neighborhood recently.
The meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Aug. 9 at Woodbrook Baptist Church, 25 Stevenson Lane. 
Please be mindful of locking windows and doors, and leaving back and front porch lights on. Call 911 if you see anything suspicious. 
Baltimore County has a list of crime-prevention measures; see it here.
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If you would like to run for a seat on the Rodgers Forge board, please click here for more information and for the nomination form.
We are always looking for residents who would like to help support our great neighborhood! 
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By-law amendments were adopted at last night's board meeting that alter the date of the Annual Meeting and the deadlines for candidate nominations. Online voting was also approved.
The Annual Meetings will now be held on the first Wednesday in October (instead of the second Wednesday in September). 
The deadline to submit a nomination is now Sept. 15 (instead of mid July).
The deadline to submit candidate info to be included in the printed and online newsletter is Aug. 15 (inclusion in newsletter is not a requirement for candidates; it is optional). 
Candidate bios/statements will also be posted on the RFCA website and official social media platforms, such as Facebook. The deadline to submit bios/statements for online posting is two days before online voting begins. 
Online voting will take place for one week immediately prior to the Annual Meeting, Monday to Monday. For instance, the next Annual Meeting will be held on Oct. 4, 2017. Online voting will therefore be open from Sept. 25 to Oct. 2.
Paper ballots will still be accepted in person at the Annual Meeting, and the online and paper ballots will be combined for final tallies. The online vote totals will not be shared ahead of the Annual Meeting. 
Another proposed amendment that would allow residents to vote in the election even if they haven't paid dues was postponed to allow time to investigate questions regarding the legal implications of this change. 
The amendments can be viewed here
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Tonight's RFCA meeting will be at 7pm at Woodbrook Baptist, 25 Stevenson Lane. 
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BGE just sent the RFCA a Q&A regarding its work on Brandon and Stanmore, based on questions they've been receiving. BGE says: 
When will the project start on Brandon Road?
Work on Brandon Rd will begin in about 2-3 weeks. Crew will post no parking signs 48 hour in advance and will post a door hanger a few days in advance. Installing the main will take them about 2-4 weeks.
What will be involved with the project, i.e. digging up road, replacement of gas lines, etc.?
Crew will be digging up the road to install a new gas main. They will also install a new service lines that supply gas to the customer homes.
Will our cars have to be moved just during the day during work hours?
Yes cars will have to be moved during the daytime working hours. From 7am-5pm. If cars are still parked after 9amthey are at risk of being towed to another location in the neighborhood not a tow yard.
How long will the project take on Brandon Road?
Installing the main will take 2-4 weeks.  Services are based on customer responses.
Is there a cost for this passed on to us?
Customer pay the current MDPSC STRIDE rate base on their monthly bill this cost does not exceed $2.00 a month.
You can see a map of the affected area here: 
More info is here: 
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Baltimore County posted this notice on its website on June 28: 
Dear Baltimore County Taxpayers:
Baltimore County Government has detected system-generated errors in tax bills that will arrive in the next few days. Please disregard those bills, but note that these errors may not affect every property tax bill.
The County is working diligently to correct the errors and will reprint all property tax bills with revised information as necessary. The revised printing and mailing process will take up to four weeks. Baltimore County will extend its discount for those who pay their tax bills in July through August due to the errors. 
We apologize for this inconvenience.
Keith Dorsey
Director, Office of Budget and Finance
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The attached by-law amendments will be considered at the July meeting of the Rodgers Forge Board of Governors at 7pm on July 12 at Woodbrook Baptist, 25 Stevenson Lane. Residents' feedback beforehand or at the meeting is welcome. (Only board members may vote on the changes.) If adopted, the annual meeting/election would be moved from September to October; dues would not need to be paid in order to vote; the deadline to nominate oneself for a seat would be extended; and online voting would be allowed in addition to paper ballots at the annual meeting. 
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If you’d like to run for a seat on the Rodgers Forge Board of Governors, the deadline to submit your nomination is July 14. We’re always looking for fresh faces and folks that will make our board stronger. If you would like to be considered for this year's election, please email your name and phone number to Melissa Tillman, head of the nominating committee, at by July 14. She will then get you all the information you need for the formal submission. 
Note: The board has formed a by-law committee to look at moving the election and annual meeting from September to October; extending the deadline for nomination submissions; removing the requirement that people pay dues in order to vote; allowing secure and secret voting via email in addition to in-person voting; and making it easier for the board to vote on issues via email while increasing transparency. We will vote on any recommended changes at the July 12 board meeting, which means the deadline for nominations might change. But to be safe, if you’re interested, be sure to apply by July 14!