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Exciting news: New this year, when you pay your RFCA membership dues, you are automatically qualified to join the Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union!
Unlike banks, credit unions are member-owned non-profits. Their interest rates on loans and credit cards are often lower than those at banks, and they offer excellent member service. 
Membership to BCEFCU also gets you discounts on movie tickets at AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters! And once you're a member and keep at least $5 on deposit in your savings, you can stay with the credit union even if you move out of Rodgers Forge. 
BCEFCU has a branch at 23 W. Susquehanna Ave. in Towson with a private parking lot in the back (enter from Washington Avenue). For more information, visit or call 410-828-4730. You will need to bring in your RFCA membership card when you apply. Membership cards for 2018 will be sent out in December/January. 
The most efficient way to renew or start your RFCA membership is by paying online. It’s fast and easy.
If you haven't registered on this site before, click the Register tab at the top right corner to get started and to pay your dues.
If you have already registered and need to renew, go to the home page, then click the My Membership tab on the right-hand side of the page.
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The RFCA has formally requested a left-turn arrow from eastbound Regester onto northbound York Road. The SHA is doing a study of the intersection, the results of which will be available within 90 days. We will keep you posted. 
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It's the last RFCA movie night of the year: Grab a blanket or chairs and come watch "ET" with your neighbors. Movie starts when it gets dark, around 7:00 PM. Miss Twist will be there selling ice cream; she takes cash or credit cards. 
Thanks to our dues-paying members who make things like this possible! Haven't paid your 2018 dues yet? If you pay by Oct. 1 you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Wells Discount Liquor! 
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We hope you'll attend the Rodgers Forge Annual Meeting at 7:00 PM on Oct. 4 at Rodgers Forge Elementary. 
You'll get an update on what's happened in the neighborhood over the past year, and you'll also have a chance to share your thoughts with your neighbors and the board. 
Joining us at the meeting will be Sen. Jim Brochin, Del. Steve Lafferty, and Councilman David Marks. They will each share legislative news and take questions from residents. 
UPDATE: Steve Prumo, head of the New in '22 group that is advocating for a new Towson High building, will also be at the meeting in the second half to discuss plans. 
As for the election of board members, there are 12 vacancies to fill in this year's election and 11 candidates, meaning there are no contested seats. Because of that, at the meeting we will vote on whether the 11 people may be installed by acclamation, meaning the Members in attendance will be asked to allow the candidates to sit on the board without a formal vote by paper ballot. This has been a common practice in past RFCA elections.
If for some reason that is not approved by the Membership, we will have a paper ballot vote. But the outcome would be the same with a paper ballot, as any candidate receiving at least one vote would win a seat on the board. 
The upcoming newsletter has bios of all the candidates. 
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The Baltimore Sun has published and article and an editorial about Rodgers Forge's efforts to remove racist language from our covenants: 
... The Jim Crow-era agreements, which barred homeowners from selling their properties to anyone but white buyers, proliferated during the first half of the 20th century. The Supreme Court ruled in 1948 that they were legally unenforceable. The practice was finally outlawed by the federal Fair Housing Act of 1968.
Editorial about the covenant effort:
... It’s one thing for a neighborhood association to issue a statement of inclusivity. It’s another to make the effort to go door to door, block to block to collect signatures renouncing discrimination. That sends a more powerful and tangible positive message than some old, unenforceable covenants written by people who are likely long dead sent a negative one. We wish the Forge the best of luck in this effort and urge any other neighborhoods with such language attached to their deeds to follow its lead.
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The RFCA passed a number of measures last night, including those related to the objectionable language in the  covenants, and other important issues. See the details here
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Agenda for 7PM Sept. 13 meeting at RFES rec room: 
By-law amendment on dues and voting 
Architectural-guideline amendments (details here)
Vote on investigating how to remove racist language from covenants 
Discuss left-turn signal from Regester onto northbound York
Budget for membership drive
Presentation about allowing RF residents to join a credit union 
Towson University rep to discuss Baltimore Blast's move to TU and impact on RF

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The RFCA will vote at its Sept. 13 meeting on whether to allow all residents to vote in the annual election, or only those residents who have paid dues. The amendments can be found here.  
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From Captain Jay Landsman:
Over the course of the last week, there was a break in the cat burglary cases in the Rodgers Forge and Ridgeleigh communities. Our officers quickly put this information in the hands of detectives from the Baltimore County Police Burglary Unit. Upon further investigation, two suspects were charged with the cases in Rodgers Forge, Ridgeleigh, and other parts of the County. More information will be coming out regarding these suspects. At this time, they do not appear to have any ties to our precinct.
While this is certainly good news, I encourage all residents to continue their commitment to take basic crime prevention steps to shrink the window of opportunity for other criminals.
Crime Prevention Tips:
Thank you all so much for everything you did to move this investigation forward,
Captain Jay Landsman, Jr.
Precinct 6 / Towson
Baltimore County Police Department
115 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
Desk (410) 887-5507
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If you've been parking in the RF Elementary parking lot over the summer, school administrators want you to know that teachers return Friday, so please don't park in the lot Thursday night and beyond. Thanks!