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During the August Board meeting, several homeowners and residents who live along the eastern perimeter of Dumbarton Middle School raised concerns about construction vehicles and teacher parking overflowing into the public streets surrounding the school.
At almost the same time, it was brought to our attention that several specimen trees on the Dumbarton property had heavy construction boxes and material placed on their root circle, potentially jeopardizing the long term health of the trees. Due to their familiarity with trees, I chose to reach out to the members of our sub-committee, Tree Rodgers Forge to take the lead on interacting with BCPS on the specific topic of the specimen trees.
These two concerns were then addressed by myself and Mr Stephen Parson of Tree Rodgers Forge during a meeting with the principal of Dumbarton Middle School, representatives from BCPS, and Councilman David Marks.
During the meeting, additional concerns by the principal about off-leash pets on the school property, in particular during the school day came to light.
And since the meeting, community concerns of heavy construction vehicles operating on and near the school campus as early as 5:30am, and not in accordance with the contracted start time of no earlier then 7:00am have arisen. This issue was also brought to the attention of BCPS and Principal Harris.
The following is her reply to these issues, quoted in its entirety:
Hello John and Stephen,
Thank you for your patience as I worked with the various BCPS offices to gather this information. Here are some updates for you:
1. Arborist Report: Attached is the arborist report that was provided to me. It is also posted on our website. There is a Renovations Information/Update link on our website where we will post further information as we receive it.  —  Arborist Report
2. Early Morning Truck noise: I was assured it was only that one day as they wanted to move the container off of the tree root area before school began that day. Please let me know if there are future concerns.
3. Parking: Construction personnel have been instructed to use the lot behind our building off the alley (where their staging area is) and they can use the back lot behind the Dumbarton House. Since we met two weeks ago, we have also opened up additional parking for them along the fence near the back fields which provides additional spaces.
4. Dog Walking During the School Day: It is essential that our property is conducive to learning throughout the school day. This year we are taking classes outside more than in the past to use the grassy areas, tennis courts and other parts of the campus. In addition, Pride Park (modular classrooms behind the building) holds 7 classes of students who need to exit and enter the building each day. We would like to remind our neighbors that dogs need to remain off our property during the school day and be leashed at all times. Our School Resource Officer has been talking with neighbors who are on our property during the day to remind them of this request. This is a safety issue for our students and we appreciate your assistance with this matter.
5. Renovations Phasing: currently the new office area if being built and the music wing and the activity rooms are being renovated. We are awaiting other updates regarding phasing and once we receive it we will post it to our website.
Thank you for working together as we are very excited about the improvements being made to our school during this renovations process. Please let me know if I can be of assistance as we move forward. Have a great day
Susan E Harris
Dumbarton Middle School
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