Exterior changes
  • I’m planning to have our roof re-done with one of the materials that the RFCA says is acceptable; do I still need to submit an application?
    Yes, you still need to file an application. Simple cases like this generally receive approval within a few days, or even the same day.
  • What procedures do I follow if I want to make changes to the exterior of my home, such as a new roof, a deck, a new front door, etc.?
    You can find the RFCA guidelines, as well as an online application for exterior changes, here: 

  • I need to hire a plumber/electrician/roofer/etc. to work on my house. Can you recommend someone?
    The RFCA does not make recommendations, but you can sign up to the NextDoor message group (https://rodgersforge.nextdoor.com) and ask for a recommendation or search past posts for recommendations. NextDoor is not affiliated with the Rodgers Forge Community Association. 
  • Whom do I contact with questions about BGE's pipeline/meter project?

Neighbor issues
  • How do I file a complaint against a neighbor who has county code violations, such as knee-high grass or a home that is in severe disrepair?
    When possible, we encourage friendly and polite neighbor-to-neighbor discussions about any problems. If that is not successful, you can file a code-violation complaint at 410-887-3351 or online:
  • My neighbor parks directly in front of my garage without my permission. Is this OK?
    County code says: “Prohibited. A person may not stop, park, or leave standing a vehicle on any road or alley: (1) In front of or within 5 feet of the edge of any private driveway or parking area without the consent of the owner or occupant of the premises; or (2) In a manner that prevents free passage of vehicles or the movement of a lawfully parked vehicle to or from a driveway or parking area. (b) Parking in an alley. A person may not park, stop, or leave unattended a vehicle in any alley leaving less than 12 feet of clearance parallel to the vehicle. (c) Authority to tow a vehicle. (1) If a vehicle is parked, stopped, or left unattended in a manner that prevents or impedes the free passage of any other vehicle, the Chief of Police may tow the vehicle after making a reasonable attempt to locate the owner or, if the owner is known, the owner refuses to remove the vehicle.”
    It's a good idea to have a friendly conversation about this with the neighbor before resorting to having the car towed.

Rodgers Forge Community Association
  • When are RFCA meetings?
    They are generally held at 7PM on the second Wednesday of the month at Rodgers Forge Elementary, but that does sometimes change, so be sure to check the "upcoming events" to doublecheck.
  • Is Rodgers Forge a formal HOA and are dues mandatory?
    No. We are not an HOA and dues are not mandatory. The RFCA also has no role in home sales in terms of providing documents for settlements. Realtors and title attorneys should note, however, that covenants run with the deeds that require homeowners to get RFCA approval before making changes to the exteriors of their homes.
    Residents pay dues because they want to support things like the annual picnic, Dumpster Day, the Easter Egg Hunt, tree planting, community outreach and other efforts to keep this great neighborhood strong. 

  • How do I change my profile information and control what info is displayed in the online directory?
    You can do this by logging in and then clicking the "Your Profile" tab in the upper right corner of the home page.
  • How do I add family members to my online account?
    You can do this by logging in and then clicking the "Your Profile" tab in the upper right corner of the home page.