Thank you for your interest in running for a seat on the Rodgers Forge board! The first part of this form is for the board's internal use only, and the second part gives you an opportunity to share a statement in the RFCA newsletter and/or website. 
2017 dates to keep in mind: 
Aug. 15 - deadline to turn in statement to be included in newsletter 
Sept. 15 - deadline to submit a nomination 
Sept. 23 - deadline to turn in statement to be included online (earlier is better!) 
Oct. 4 - Annual Meeting & Election
Candidate Form internal use
The first section below is for internal use only; it will not be published. Most of the questions are optional. The second section below is the information that will be shared with community.
First name*
Last name*
How long have you lived in RF?
Spouse name
Name(s) of child(ren)
Education, vocation, etc.
What would you like to do to maintain, enhance, and protect the high standards of the Rodgers Forge neighborhood?
What are your thoughts on preserving the excellent quality of life in our neighborhood?
Do you have thoughts on establishing channels of communication and opportunities for the residents of Rodgers Forge to participate in the growth of the community?
What do you most hope to accomplish as a member of the Board of Governors?
The above info was for internal use only. The following information will be shared with the larger RF community:
(Optional but recommended) Provide a statement/bio of up to 250 words to be included in RF newsletter that lets your neighbors know a bit about you and why you are running for a board seat.
(Optional but recommended) Provide a statement/bio to be included on RF website. This can be copied and pasted from above, or you may write a longer statement; no word-count limit. You may attach this as a Word document, below, if you prefer.
You have the option of attaching an image of yourself below (a formal headshot, a Facebook profile pic, a snapshot of you with your pet -- anything you want) that will be shared with community.
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